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Complies with Edition 2 of the IEC 61243-3 standard

600 V CAT IV, IP54, the C.A 740N low-voltage two-pole Voltage Absence Tester is an essential tool for any electrician. It can be used to check on the absence of any voltage in compliance with the applicable standards to ensure that people and property remain safe on electrical installations.

Redundant safety in the event of power-supply faults is provided by the independent ELV LED which flashes as soon as the voltage exceeds 50 VAC/120 VDC. AC/DC detection is given priority and is automatic.

The built-in Autotest on the C.A 740N is comprehensive: testing of the electrical circuits, the power supply, the displays and the continuity test.
The instrument also offers additional functions: phase indication and continuity testing.
The test probes and leads are removable and there is an option for the use of IP2X accessories.

Simple to use and easy to handle even with safety gloves, the C.A 740N can also be used for:
* voltage measurement (DC or AC) from 12 V to 690 VAC/750 VDC
* frequency measurement: DC and 162/3 to 800 Hz
* phase/neutral identification
* audible and visual continuity test with R<100 Ω

It is delivered complete and ready to use.